Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Model of my son

A bit more modelling practice, this time of my son. It was initially produced in Rhino as a NURBs object but I decided to continue it into Modo601 for adding the textures and hair. This resulted in a whole re-topology on the mesh. It has always surprised me why a program so good for SLA files can be so bad at exporting workable meshes to Modo /3DStudioMax. I am  aware that there are some plug-ins available but they're prohibitively expensive so for now I'll be continuing to do it manually. I will now be using these models to test hair sculpting some more and practising skin textures.

A quick Modo render

The NURBS rhino model
A cleaned mesh in Modo

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

1964 Works Mini Cooper - Work in progress

Another computer model I've been working on as a bit of practice. Again, it's all modelled in Modo. It's not finished yet as it needs a few more elements modelled and a lot of work on the textures, but I thought it good enough to upload it here. I guess I still wont consider it finished until it's finally placed into a complimenting environment. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kyugo Light Tank

This was done as a bit of practice and to finally complete and model in Modo. I've been using Modo for three years now but only to the stage of working over them in Photoshop or just using them as armatures for sketching, so I've never had anything to show for it. This hopefully rectifies that. Using a lot of instance's and being almost entirely sub-divisional surfaces this is a high poly model. I hope to finish it with full texturing and placing it within a diorama however this will have to be some time in the future.